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Your website is your online storefront. It needs to be visible, attractive, and user-friendly. We can help you create a website that meets all these criteria and more. Our SEO web design services will help you rank higher on Google and reach more customers.

Search engine optimisation.

If someone is looking for the exact services you provide on Google, how quickly will they find you?

Unless you are one of the first few businesses that appear on Google search results within your area, there is work to be done!

Giving time and energy, or better yet, hiring us to give our time and energy into maximising your performance on Google, is one of the best ways to secure qualified leads without having to go on the hunt for them.

We can create a trail that signposts your ideal customers directly to you, making your life easier and giving you back more precious hours in your day.


What is Search Engine Optimisation?


What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a scary phrase for many business owners, so you need experienced guides who can demystify the concepts and lead you on your journey to success.

The aim of SEO is to increase the quantity and quality of customers who visit your website. When more people are visiting your website, you have more opportunities to convert those visitors into customers.

When people talk about SEO web design, they are looking for a website that has been developed to rank highly on Google for relevant keywords/keyphrases. So, if you are a plumber in Glasgow, your website would be tailored to be the first website that appears on someone’s screen when they search Google for “Plumber in Glasgow” (this is the keyword/keyphrase). To achieve this, we have to optimise the website for that keyword.

You can have more than one keyword however; you can choose several and target different keywords with different webpages. For instance, for this webpage (yep the one you are reading) we may decide to target “SEO Website Design in Glasgow”. For our website maintenance page, we may decide to target “Website Maintenance Glasgow”. This way, we can optimise our website for the different services we offer, increasing the overall volume of traffic to our website.

The goal is to rank highly for certain keywords on Google; if you rank at position one, your web page will likely be at the top of the list when someone searches for this keyword.

our packages

SEO Web Design Packages

SEO Sprint

one time


Our one time Search Engine Optimisation service gives you an initial boost to bring your website into the modern era. It includes basic keyword research for up to five pages and then we optimise your website’s page titles, metadata and descriptions. We will also perform basic content optimisation on pages. We submit your website to Google Search Console and Webmaster Tools and advise on Google My Business.

SEO Marathon

one time


Everything provided in Sprint on a monthly basis. Comparison against one top ranking competitor each month, alongside keyword adjustment and content reviews. Send us a message to find out more about what is included in this package.

SEO Ultra Marathon



Everything in the first two options at a bigger level. We will custom make your plan to support your business strategy. This could involve blogging services, content/copywriting services, advanced monthly tracking, SEO reporting, competition analysis and strategy sessions. Our SEO Advanced packages are always bespoke, so the cost will vary depending on your needs.

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organic search results

Why does SEO matter?

The higher you are in the Google search results for your chosen keywords, the more people who click on your website link. People usually don’t scroll to page two of Google, and even less scroll to page three or four!

It is important to note that this all relates to unpaid search results a.k.a. organic search results. The search results that say “Ad” or “Sponsored” are from businesses who have paid Google so that they appear at the top of the page. You may have heard people mention PPC (Pay Per Click) which refers to these advertisements.

How do you implement SEO Web Design?

In simple terms, you have to get Google to like your website. Google likes websites that run quickly; that have lots of high quality, relevant content; contain optimised images and videos; link to other websites and have other websites linking back to them; doesn’t contain broken links; and is interesting enough to keep people on the website for more than a few sections. Here are some of the ways we can improve your website’s SEO:
  • Website Analysis
  • Duplicate Content Checks
  • Backlink Audits
  • Competitor Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Internal Page Analysis
  • Title Tag Optimisation
  • Meta Tag Optimisation
  • Heading Tag Optimisation
  • Image Optimisation
  • 301 Redirects
  • Sitemap Optimisation
  • Responsiveness Analysis
  • Google Search Console Setup
  • Bing Webmaster Tools Setup
  • Google Analytics Setup and Integration
  • Google My Business Setup
  • Monthly SEO Reports

Why choose Buttered Host for SEO web design?

We are the most approachable SEO guides in Glasgow and we are committed to providing quality, value and excellence in everything we do. Nothing makes us happier than to see your business grow. We love supporting businesses to venture into new territories, so we take website and SEO worries off your very full plate, allowing you to get adventurous and develop your business.

Your website is your hardest working employee – it works all night and all day and never gets sick! We can make sure it is not only your hardest working employee, but your most efficient (and your top salesperson). You can get on with running your awesome business, safe in the knowledge that your website fully supports your ambitions.

Whether you want a one-time boost to fast track your way to the top, or you require regular updates with a monthly package that gives you consistent progress, we can ensure your website is ready to impress both Google, and your target audience.

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