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We are Buttered Host, the WordPress website design team that can help you create a smooth, engaging and accessible website that showcases your talents and services. We will be your digital guides on a thrilling adventure that will boost your online visibility and success.

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You are amazing at what you do – you know it, we know it, your friends know it… but does everyone else know it?

A powerful, beautifully crafted website is the best way to show the world what you can do. Buttered Host is Glasgow’s WordPress website design specialist. Our ethos is centred around creating a smooth, engaging and accessible customer experience, guiding everyone who visits your site on an exciting customer journey.

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Why Choose Buttered Host for WordPress website design?

If you are on the lookout for high quality, sales converting, awe inspiring WordPress Design in Glasgow, then you can end the search right now. Yes that’s right, close all those other tabs, we are the one.

Our team has over 20 years of experience in creating amazing online experiences for your customers to help your business flourish. Our websites are custom designed, responsive, made for scalability and are catered to any business needs.

Your website will help you grow, and it will grow along with you. And if you ever need support, your digital guides will be there for you every step of the way.


our Web Design Process

STEP 1 - Planning our Adventure
STEP 1 - Planning our Adventure

Initial Chat

We might be ‘techy’ but we are also people-people! We love finding out all about you, your business, what drives your adventurous spirit and what you want to achieve. The more we know about you and the better we understand your motivations, the better we become at our job.

The only real way for us to get to know each other is to have many points of contact, so our digital guides make themselves available as much as we can throughout the process of building your WordPress website.

STEP 2 - Mapping the route
STEP 2 - Mapping the route
Mapping route

Initial Design

The fun part! Creating the layout, choosing styles and crafting the backbone of your WordPress website. This can take us some time, but we will keep you updated on our progress. Once you are happy with what we have done, we will move onto the next stage of our journey; designing all of the website pages and implementing functionality and plugins.

What happens if you aren’t 100% happy with what we have created? Tell us! We can shoogle things around, change colours, fonts, imagery and animations. We want to make sure you are completely in love with your new website design.

STEP 3 - Building up our Supplies
STEP 3 - Building up our Supplies
Gathering supplies


So at this point we are going to need a little something from you. This is where we will ask you to provide your branding, images and text for the web pages. This can be quite a task for some people, particularly those who struggle to write about their business. So we recommend setting aside plenty of time for this, or we can signpost you to a copywriter who can write all of the text for you.

We always recommend you have a solid brand in place before building a website and that you have brand photographs. We work with very talented designers and photographers who can support you with this, if it is something you don’t already have in place. The more experts you can bring with you on your digital adventure, the better!

STEP 4 - Time to Set Off
STEP 4 - Time to Set Off
Final Review

Final Review

Once the site is ready, you will be able to review each page and we can make detailed edits until the site is ready for launch. We want you to do a full review of your site to make sure we have no content or functionality issues and it is exactly how you want it to be before we put it live.

This is where we advise you of the next steps - this usually includes us recommending our maintenance plans of course! But if you would prefer to do that yourself or go elsewhere, that’s totally fine.

Why do you

design websites in WordPress?

We always work with WordPress when designing a website, because we believe it is the best platform for the vast majority of businesses. Here are a few of the reasons why:

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Are you ready for us to take you on a digital adventure?

Are you ready for us to take you on a digital adventure?